Controversial Spark / Section 1

【鈴木慶一】が結成し話題を呼んだ【Controversial Spark】!ファーストアルバム10月22日発売決定!

Controversial Spark / Section 1鈴木慶一が昨年結成し話題を呼んだControversial Spark。

MEMBER : 鈴木慶一(Vo. , G)、近藤研二(G)、矢部浩志、岩崎なおみ、konore
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Controversial Spark「Section 1」
2014.10.22 Release

XQCG-1904 / 2,778円+税
レーベル : KINK SIZE RecordS

01. Hello Mutants words and music Keiichi Suzuki
02. Ex-Car words konore  music Hiroshi Yabe
03. Section 1 words Naomi Iwasaki, Keiichi Suzuki music Keiichi Suzuki
04. くりかえす words and music Naomi Iwasaki
05. Jigoku No Hamabe words and music konore
06. Over Heaven words Naomi Iwasaki music Hiroshi Yabe
07. Moonlight N.M.D. words and music konore
08. Sweet Home words and music Naomi Iwasaki
09. a Hook words konore music Kenji Kondo
10. Greys words and music konore
Suite: Controversial Stories
11. Controversial Short Stories words Keiichi Suzuki music Kenji Kondo
12. Spark Stories words Keiichi Suzuki music Kenji Kondo
13. First Session (Bonus Track)  words and music Controversial Spark