「10min.映画祭」で上映されたiwapt(イワプト)の映画「Camiguin Island」でiwaptは最優秀監督賞を受賞。映像編集技術やドローン撮影技術が10min.映画祭実行委員会から称えられた。
フィリピンのカミギン島を題材にした映画でバックグランドミュージックは全てiwaptのオリジナルであり映画の音楽面でもiwaptは高い評価を受けた。使用された楽曲は「Dr.Clinic 〜Unplugged Version〜」「Lots Beat」「摩天楼の下で」「バスルーム」。4曲中2曲は映画で題材にしたフィリピンでレコーディングされたものである。
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On June 24, 2020, “10min. Film Festival” announced the award-winning works in Japan.
This festival is organized by 10min. Film Festival Executive Committee.
They gathered at the call of actor Yohei Tomie.
The iwapt film “Camiguin Island” was shown at the festival, and iwapt won the Best Director Award. The movie is about Camiguin Island in the Philippines
The background music in the movie was all iwapt’s original songs.
The songs used in the movie are “Dr. Clinic ~Unplugged Version~” , “Lots Beat” ,”Under the skyscraper” and “Bathroom”.
2 of the 4 songs were recorded in the Philippines, which were the subjects of the movie.
iwapt received high praise even in the music of the movie.
iwapt was praised for his video editing techniques and drone shooting technique by the 10 min. Film Festival Executive Committee.
Below are comments from the 10min Film Festival Executive Committee member on the movie to iwapt.
“Overwhelming location.”
“In the first half, I was very comfortable with the rhythm music that expresses the elation of going on a trip, and the BGM that changes according to the location and time axis of the island. ”
” Being able to go out during the self-restraint period is the best way to experience this kind of exhilaration in the movie.”
“It’s nice to see such a work as a movie.”
“I want to go on a trip.”
“I realized once again that I am doing my best to go to such an island.”
“I watched the cuts in the video, the feeling of speed, and the most stress-free viewing.”
“The splendid match of video and video songs.”
” Surprising that drone filming would come in. But it was absolutely necessary for this work.”
“The movie made people feel like they were traveling with them.”

◆iwaptの映画「Camiguin Island」で使用されたバックグランドミュージック「Lots Beat」